Discover the Islote of Areoso

Experience the history of this enclave in the Ría de Arousa in first person



We will visit this lovely island in the company of an archeologist, making our visit both instructional and real, and who better than a qualified expert on the island and its archeological treasures to tell us about how the place came to be settled and what became of the people who left their mark here in prehistoric times.

Areoso Island is one of the most recent archeological discoveries to be made in Galicia and the latest on an island.

Shifting sands, due to wind, the sea and rain have begun to reveal something which no-one could have ever imagined existing on the island, hidden for centuries, a dolmen which immediately underwent study and further excavation by a dedicated group of archeologists throughout 2017.

An oval shaped island, you’ll be forgiven for thinking you were in the Caribbean when you see its fine white sands and its inviting crystal clear turquoise water.

A Neolithic site, chiefly a dolmen dating back 6,000 years and at least four others still buried in the sands as well as other funereal structures (cists).

Human and animal remains confirm the theory that a settlement once existed on the island and that it was possibly connected to other existing islands.

We believe it to be the best way to see and get a feel for what the Ría de Arousa and its inhabitants were like 6.000 years ago.

The Department of the Evironment authorizes this visit from mid-August till the end of March given that from April to mid August access to the archeological sites is prohibited due to the fact that several sea-bird species nest and rear their young on this part of the island.

Company approved by the ECST (European Charter of Sustainable Tourism).

Depart and return to O Xufre port at the Illa de Arousa.

It can also be done departing from other ports in the Ría de Arousa (check conditions).

Minimum 2 people. Maximum 24 people.

Expedition length 3 hours.


From 45€ per person, depending on the group (minimum 4). VAT included.


4 + 4 = ?