• Cooking Workshop

    in the most charming hotel Spain

  • Preparing Dishes

    with the best raw material of the Ria de Arousa

  • With a boat

    to learn about the people of the sea and the richness of the estuary

  • Learn about the different fishing gears

    with which we collect the best seafood in every age



A short trip by boat through the Ría de Arousa and, after that, a cooking workshop in the most charming hotel in Spain.

That’s it, nothing else.

Take your friends or family and live a unique, natural and real experience. No additives added.

You will see how the people working at the sea carefully gather and nourish their products.

You will be surrounded by boats, mussel platforms, islands, dolphins and, most importantly, the seamen from the biggest Ría in Galicia.

We will show you how the best mussels, clams, razor clams, spider crabs and seaweed in the world are gathered.

Not all products are gathered at the same time of the year, so depending on the date, you will be shown different kinds of fishing gears.

Everything is natural, real, no additives added.

After this incredible experience at sea, we will go to the most glamorous hotel in the O Salnés region, La Quinta de San Amaro, to cook some of the products we saw during our boat trip.

Rocío Garrido, cook and blogger, will be waiting for us to put us all to work in the kitchen. She will ensure that this magnificent product doesn’t lose a single bit of its quality. She will make it even better.

We are looking for unique and special moments to remember forever and we believe this is going to be one of those.

Now you have a new experience to share or enjoy with your family or friends at special occasions, such as an anniversary or a birthday.

Discover the Fishing Gears “Cooking in the O Salnés región

Boat ride lenght: 2 hours.

Cooking Workshop lenght: 3 hours.

Transfer to Quinta de San Amaro with your particular vehicle.

Minimum 4 people and Maximun 12.


    • Price per person: 75,00. VAT included.


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