Fishing in Depth

A fishing method with a wide range of catches



This fishing method allows us to catch the widest range of fish species. From brown wrasse, Ballan wrasse, pouting fish, Mediterranean rainbow wrasse or European pollock to other fish attracted by the scent emitted by the bait.

We will look for fish at the marked areas.

It is an enjoyable fishing method for people of all ages, which requires little or none experience.

«WE WILL NEVER GUARANTEE THAT YOU WILL CATCH A FISH» and «Quota and minimum size are to be respected». That is something we believe is essential were we to protect this rare species and preserve our name as sport fishermen.

We offer a recreational Saltwater Fishing License for everyone on board during the activity.

Includes live bait and equipment.

Minimum 3 people. Maximum 5 people.

Expedition length 5 hours.

Experience or difficulty level: Low.


    • From 60€ per person. VAT included.


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